Saturday, July 31, 2004

073104_WD 1200BJ installation

I was sent to Fry's electronics sometime this week to buy something for the office, I saw Western DIgital 120 GB HD for sale. $89 with a $40 rebate, so $49 for 120 GB. I hate going to Frys, because I always spend a lot of money on things that I do not need.

Installation of the HD was ratehr tricky, I did not want to reinstall window. I do not have a "clonning" software. However, I was able to copy over with two drives, hen remove the first drive and rename the drive name with partition magic. The thing that save me was my partition magic is installed on hte bootable partition. I set 4-5 partition on my hard drive . Bootable, Program, Data nad internet down load.

Well, this blogging software works so far, but, I need a calendar and also image loading capability.Oh, a counter too

Can some one post commetn of this post for me , I wannt see how this works.


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