Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Waiting for my web page

I got a call from my lil' sister "N". She's a professional web designer, she's helping me to sign up with a webhosting servive, get my template going. This web's is going to be a cross of personal website and weblog. Actually, I stareted some kinda weblog for my circle of friend, reporting my cross country trips and also exotic cooking, car shows, X-rated Porn converntions....all the fun thing you can do when you are not married, have the money to spare.

I just orderd a flash and bouncer from B&H from my Minolta A1, last night. These equipment should come in handy when I start full blown selling stuff on ebay. I have some idea what is gonna sell in the next two years. THis idea is not totally me, but I think if there is money to make, why not. Pay for more exotic toys like a True SLR digital camera...Nikon 70, that will make my 5th digital camera.

I am still waitng for an ebayed 8 mm projector to be deilvered. My dad left us all close to a year ago. One of the thing he did , was keeping record. The day he passed away, beside checking what he left me, ( half a house, some land and a 1954 BSA motorcycle) I went thru all his document. Dad's got all the copies of letters he sent us over the years, he kept a diary, wrote a organized journal, in fact, if he's computer literate, he would have been a weblogger. Anyway, back to the projector. Dad bougth a 8mm movie camera in the 60s, and filming home movie has been his hobby. Dad used to show our family fiends home movie a few times a year, especially in the 70s, the home movie of England was so...exciting. That is also the only memory about live in England, where I was born. As a kid, we were all excited because usually family friends were invited, we had nice home cook dinner, cakes, deserts, company of freinds of similar age. During my last trip to Malaysia, me and sister"D" brought most of the film back to California for restoration., we are thinking of making DVDs ourself as professionally done, this would have caused a fortuner, about $3.99 per fot of film.



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