Saturday, July 31, 2004

073104_WD 1200BJ installation

I was sent to Fry's electronics sometime this week to buy something for the office, I saw Western DIgital 120 GB HD for sale. $89 with a $40 rebate, so $49 for 120 GB. I hate going to Frys, because I always spend a lot of money on things that I do not need.

Installation of the HD was ratehr tricky, I did not want to reinstall window. I do not have a "clonning" software. However, I was able to copy over with two drives, hen remove the first drive and rename the drive name with partition magic. The thing that save me was my partition magic is installed on hte bootable partition. I set 4-5 partition on my hard drive . Bootable, Program, Data nad internet down load.

Well, this blogging software works so far, but, I need a calendar and also image loading capability.Oh, a counter too

Can some one post commetn of this post for me , I wannt see how this works.

Friday, July 30, 2004

072904_Restaurant _L..A. Little Tokyo_Yoro Ko Taki

We walked around in down Town L.A's Little Tokyo, decide to check this place, because of the price. The menu has varieties of Beer house type food. Price is unbelievable inexpensive as most Japanese restaurants are very pricey. WE still have not figure out how the prices were determined. A slice up tomato plate is $2.5 and but two fried Flat fish is $4.5. A beef skewer is $2.3 a stick where as a combo plate with 6 meat skewer and 6 grilled vegetable tic (at $1.9) cost $13.9 ..just doesn't add up.

Potato with meat is good, classic Japanese taster, boiled potato in meat broth. The broth is not hearty meat broth, but light beef flavor plus natural sweetness from onion.

Croquette was not that good. Mashed potato, battered in Tempura crumb and deep fired. Bland and a little oily.

Whole Squid was the best, a big 8 inch long squid, lightly brushed with sauce, grilled to perfection, timing was excellent. Squid is known to be a difficult to cook item, either under cook or overcook will turn it into rubbery, tough texture

Fried Flat fish : two flat fish was filleted and fried. So, you would eat the meats then eat the battered fried “bone”. Very interesting to chew on the flavorless Fish bone and head. I guess it’s for the crunchy texture.

Tori Yaki Combo, I loved the chicken Skewer. The cut of meat is the wing drum stick, which has the tenderness and flavor. The grilled pepper was interesting, it was not “hot” at all, as your mind would lead. Grilled Pork, Beef and Asparagus are nicely grilled, but on a rather too salty side.

Overall, it’s a 7. Well definitely come back again to sample other item on the menu. Also, the price was great, $36 was the total. Best Item of the night : Whole Squid.

Thursday, July 29, 2004


I am still testing this software. I have thought about having my web page since the early days of internet, 2400 bps modem, Delphi account, back in the old days, there was no web site, but FTP text files to your computer before reading...then came Prodigy, I thought that was the greatest thing....I strated to compose webpages with HTML text editor, but for some unknown reason, I ust let the HTML files sat in a 5 1/4 " floppy.

If this blogging software/service works, I may think about using it and publish the fun thing I get to do. Since I am not married, I can spend my hard earned money on all kinda cool shit ! Eat your heart out, married people!